Featured Artist: Squad R3ADYy

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The music industry has changed a lot, and certain artists are always looking to push the boundaries. Squad R3ADYy is one of those artists and with hard hitting beats and upbeat tracks to dazzle and entertain of course.

A quick look at his website or any of the social media platforms he is active on shows how willing he is to engage with his fans and Cameron as his real name is very good at keeping his fans up to date as well as using new ways to promote his music. As such, his name has started to crop up more and more on the likes of Youtube and Soundcloud, as many people in the industry start to stand up and take notice.

Cameron has his finger on the pulse of music and culture having grown up in California, and once wrote a rap to convince his brothers to let him join their group, this was at the age of just 15 and his musical talents have continued to flourish.

Cameron’s solo career has started to kick off more since his studies ended and he is starting to find his own unique sound and rightly getting recognized for it. His hip hop background is evident and the fact he has been making music for so long shows. Well worth listening to and following.

Check him out on social media at any of the below links, or head to the Squad R3ADYy website

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/squadr3adyy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/r3adyy/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/r3adyyy
Sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/r3adyy

Tips for Making a Music Video On the Cheap

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gibson lesThere’s no real simple equation for doing a music vid, however it’s certainly conceivable to make a respectable showing with regards to a video without having big funds or even skills behind it.

Some of us are lucky enough to know photographers or even video makers in which csase you should call on a favor, but in the event that you don’t have someone with film gear or aptitudes, you most likely have a phone, correct?, perhaps you can get a few of your buds to bring their cell phones as well (which gives you different angles to cut between whilst producing). If you have other cameras laying about, use them. My video involved driving so I used my dashboard camera and took some footage on the road when I was driving to gigs with my band, we got some interesting stuff which made the cut.

You have a considerable measure to stress over as of now, particularly in the case that you will be the primary individual on camera. Make the concept of the vid as basic as is sensible for yourself, for the individual who is going to be going over lighting and the positioning and screenplay, and for any other person who has been kind enough to offer assistance. You don’t want to overcomplicate things or make people lose interest and you probably don’t need to.

Find a good area! Locate a spot (and don’t overlook places in your nearby viscinity that may have a character and a lot to offer), get everybody together, and put towards making the video of your dreams happen, even if you are on a shoestring budget. Some amazing music and amazing music videos have come from frugal backgrounds without splashing the cash on gear or staff. While you’re trying to become successful you need to save money wherever you can.

How to Record Audio for Your Gaming Videos

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micGaming videos are all the range, and it is hardly a surprise when you consider the fact that there are people out there making thousands, even millions from their commentaries, walk throughs and more, but we can’t all be the next Markiplier and Pewdiepie and unless you make pro style videos you’re not going to get very far. To help make your videos as good as possible in terms of audio we’ve got some tips on grabbing the audio to put into your video.

The first thing to think about is the capture card you’re going to be using, the best capture cards will have a facility for recording audio from a source you specify so this can be a headset you might be using for your gaming or it might be a microphone you record onto separately.

Being able to record live while you’re capturing your video is huge, it means your live reactions can be taken and put into the videos you’re making, something I don’t think you really get with adding the audio at a later time.

That said, editing is really important and most capture cards come with their own software to allow you to edit the videos and the audio you capture separately.

To get the best quality audio, utilize the following tips:

  • Use the best microphone you can get your hands on
  • Capture your audio clearly and make sure there’s plenty of your voice being recorded so you don’t have to boost it later, this will cause distortion
  • make sure you don’t capture too loud as this will cause ‘clipping’ or ‘peaking’
  • Try to do it in a room with nice acoustics (you don’t want it to sound like you’re in a cave)

Using these tips should help a great deal with grabbing the audio to go with the videos on your new youtube empire!

How Smartphones have Changed Music

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android phoneRemember the time you left the home and forgot your phone? It isn’t nice, it can even be scary, and your smartphone may have become a big part of your life. Phones have turned into an imperative piece of our lives and without them we feel lost. The majority of us utilize their smartphones each day, to surf the web and online networking, check messages, oversee our diaries and for the musical among us we can learn how to use it for much more.

In the event that you think somewhere in the range of 20 years back, this kind of device was science fiction. Therefore, phones have changed the way we live definitely.

In terms of music, smartphones have changed…

  • Listening to music – whether you still buy music per track or choose to use something like Apple music or Spotify to stream music you can do this all from your pocket sized device!
  • Learning to play music – the internet is full of information on so many different subjects, you can learn guitar, piano, ukulele or even music production from the comfort of your palm. Youtube and other online devices are full of information.
  • Producing music – you can even use your phone in the process of making music, whether it be tracking demos on the record function of your phone or using some of the music production apps which have been made in order to make your own beats and full tracks. The power of these smartphones continues to grow and let us do more and more.
  • Event photography – while a company like event photography DC can do the business for your main event, some of the audience photos or those in the bar for instance can be done with a simple smartphone and shared with a hashtag.

How to Stay Clean and Classy at a Festival

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If you want to stay looking your beautiful best at a music event it can be really difficult, but we’re here to help as always and have compiled a list of the best things to take with you to keep yourself clean and looking good when you’re there, whether you’re on a wet weekend at glastonbury or bone dry at coachella soaking up the sun and sounds.

Waterproof boots and wellingtons: Take them with you and wear them. Your feet will stay dry and they’ll make wading over the lakes at the festie much less demanding. Additionally you’ll be the jealousy of different people at the event and won’t need to spend all your cash on a couple when you’re there. Costs can be really extortionate.

Portable stuff: you can get everything portable these days, from an epilator to remove hair (especially good if you’re getting legs out a lot) to little bathroom soaps and single use toothpastes and toothbrushes, most of your stuff will get thrown out afterwards so theres no harm in this at all and you should make sure you prepare for it.

Plastic packs: Failing the foot gear, plastic sacks wrapped around your feet can help keep your feet dry. They are additionally helpful for putting all the sloppy things into and keeping wipe things out of the mud, liners are additionally awesome for sitting on if the waterproof-trouser look really isn’t something you want to bust.

Wet wipes: Absolutely vital for getting rid of everything and can help with make up rituals and mud. Take heaps of them.

Garments: Unless you’re going to give it a chance to all hang out, keep one bunch of your festival threads clean and dry to rest in/travel home in. Pack things you wouldn’t fret destroying, it is a festival after all.

Pitch: Don’t camp by the stage, a walkway or at the base of a slope. Your tent may get very watery and end up being muddy and making you look an absolute state.

Consider the VIP area – if, like me you’re really not the typical festival goer, you can always go ahead and try and get in the vip area and in doing so give yourself access to much better facilities including showers and maybe even freshly running toilets.

Three Of The Biggest Rap Stars in the World

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Rap is a genre of music that is steeped in more controversial material and stories than most others. Some people see it as nothing more than brazen glorification of gangs and some of the more unsavory aspects of American, and worldwide culture. The counter argument being that it is an expression of the environment most of the modern day rap store grew up in. A form of poetry that expresses the unique obsession most people have with the darker side of human nature and its many vices. A way to fight authority and injustice through a fast paced social commentary.

Eminem is a name now synonymous with the rap world in the modern day music scene. Non more so than because he was possibly the first credible white rap star, in a genre dominated by Afro- Americans and the message they wanted to portray about racial injustice in America. Eminem delivered his won unique, quirky and controversial commentary with a huge amount of talent and passion. All of which where helped to be delivered by the next man on this list.

DR Dre may be known to some of our younger viewers as the music mogul responsible for discovering and producing rap beats for one Marshall Mathers, and developing then selling his popular Dre brand of sound equipment. Yet he is a genuine colossus of the rap industry for way more than this. Talented and skilled more so than most of the acts he has become responsible for, he rose to infamous levels in the group NWA alongside some other icons of the rap business such as Ice cube. He created and pioneered a sound and attitude that has been imitated but never emulated.

We finish with one of today’s biggest stars, Jay Z. This man emulated the idea of Dre Dre and went beyond being a simple musician himself. Cultivating and producing for other upcoming talents and turning himself into a music industry power house. A man who’s word carries weight in all circles be it what he raps, or the opinion he gives on the upcoming rap stars of today Jay Z is crucial to today’s modern rap scene.

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The Rolling Stones: Still Going Strong

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rolling stonesThe Rolling Stones are without doubt a musical institution. The band seem to be immortal and key members Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Charlie watts have gone on since the beginning. Adding Ronnie Wood after the departure of Bull Wyman. Wood is now arguably more of an iconic member than Wyman ever managed to be, and this is down to his never ending commitment to the rigorous touring schedule of The Stones.

World Tour after world tour has many saying that their greed far outstrips their sense. Into their 70’s and still smoking drinking and living it up like they where in their 20’s. One thing that is for sure is that the performances do not change.

Jagger may have had to start wearing clothing more suited to a long distant runner to shield and protect his ageing joints, and they may come off the stage shivering and shaking but they give it all for the crowd, and so that their memory of the stones is one that lasts forever. The stones want to go on forever yet they still want to go out on top when the day finally arrives.

The kings of the riff still deliver their unrivalled back catalogue with punch, power attitude and showmanship giving the masses exactly what they want. They know how to please their fans, what they pay to see and how to deliver perfect set list after perfect set list. The records they sell may be spun on iPods instead of turntables, but the song remains the same (or is that a different band?)

They also have a taste for the extreme and grand and glamorous. Weather it be the huge golden statues that stood either side of the stage on the Bridges To Babylon tour, or playing to over 1 million fans on copapcabana beach in Rio De Janeiro. They constantly push the boundaries of their own staying power, and music. Always striving to deliver more despite their advancing years.

An iconic force that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, they build up momentum and make sure they deliver what the fans are expecting, not letting their performance levels drop in spite of their rising ages and the wear and tear of being on the road for all those years, from headlining massive festivals to recording album after album.

Straight Outta Compton Film Preview

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One of the most anticipated film releases of this year for fans of both music and film, it the NWA biopic Straight out Compton. Named after the bands most controversial album, it is set to tell the story of the men who made up the worlds most dangerous group, and lift the lid on the persecution they felt because of the colour of their skin.

As the trailer below suggests though it will go further than that. It was also their musical style that drew criticism. Some saying that it glamorise violence and gang culture. With hard viscous lyrics and an attitude that laughed in the face of authority, the NWA did this to reflect an environment that was determined to keep them down. A society driven by racist institutions that where rife in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This crucible is what caused these men to rise up and become some of the biggest names in Rap and hip hop.

Band members Ice Cube, Dre Dre, Easy E, DJ Yella and Mc Ren, all have a story that has to be seen to be believed. There desire to leave behind the image of gangsters, mixed with the fact that that image sold records and gave people in similar situations to them voice was a constant struggle.

Their fall form grace was always told more than their meteoric rise to the top, and hopefully this film will deliver more of the story about how they clawed and fought against the federal government for freedom of speech and a desire to turn around a negative image of the society they where brought up in. Yes they did it on a wave of huge controversy, but they changed the face of rap forever, and the way that black music was portrayed by the world.

Their skills and talent should not be hidden away behind the gangland image, and the stories of 5 men fighting with each other for song rights, royalties and even more money. We can not wait for its release later in the year, and are expecting big things from it.

Florence’s Headline Opportunity

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florence welchThe music fan was stretching for their share buttons, and re-tweeting like mad after the story broke (no pun intended) that Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl broke his leg during one of his usual high energy performances, and leaping off a stage. He returned broken leg and all to finish the gig, drawing much praise from fans both casual and hardcore. Then came the rather unusual and less than rock and roll decision to cancel the Foo’s entire tour and step down from their Friday night headline slot at one of the worlds biggest music festivals, Glastonbury.

This led to a unique opportunity for a band fronted up by a lady who has truly taken Glastonbury into her heart and soul. Florence and the Machine where chosen to step up at the 11th hour and full fill a lifelong desire of their leading lady. From her early days playing in a small teepee on Friday morning, all the way to the other stage and finally the pyramid, she had arrived. Her opportunity may have been fortuitous but she grabbed it.

A performance was delivered that may not have been wonderfully clean cut, or visually spectacular but she did the best with what she had. The pure emotion and delivery of her music was such you could tell it was coming from a lady who truly saw this as her career highlight.

The emotion was constantly bubbling beneath the surface and the words she spoke in between songs where of somebody who really understood what this festival meant to the people who attend year in and year out. It was a bold decision to step up to the plate in place of such a highly anticipated headline act, but one somebody could never turn down. Let alone somebody like Florence Welch who has this festival so close to her heart.

If you enjoy her music, or hate it, like the message she tries to deliver or find it dull and droning, you must applaud her bravery. Her passionate performance was miles away form the organised chaos of a Foo Fighter set, and she truly embraced what this slot meant to her, and took it in her won direction, with minimum preparation. A fine last minute stand in, and a lady that stayed true to herself under immense pressure.

Libertines’ Surprise Performance – Triumph or Disaster?

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thelibertinesAfter the chaos of the Foo Fighters cancelling their headline slot as Glastonbury in the wake of front man’s Dave Grohls broken leg, many names where thrown into the hat as a replacement. Florence and the Machine where decided upon, and as our previous article suggests, they did so admirably. You can not doubt though that they are very differing sounds and experiences. So in the search for a guitar driven band, that could get the crowd bouncing with memorable riffs, a shock surprise appearance from one of the old indie scenes most lauded and controversial acts took to the stage.

The appearance of Carl Barat and Pete Doherty was met with a huge Glasto roar, as the Libertines took to the stage. Looking slightly more aged and a little wearier than the lads we used to see during the early noughties, they emanated a new found maturity, and possibly a few extra pounds. They really where huge advocates of the ‘dad bod’ Still seeing them carrying a little extra timber at least gives us hope that the previous problems are long behind them.

Musically they where not as tight, and seemed to be showing the hallmarks of a band who where not as connected as they once where. Perhaps all that has gone before has robbed them of that comradery and musical togetherness. Slipping out of time and tune regularly, the crowd did not care one bit.

The classic, crunchy guitar riffs and iconic distortions where still the same, the sing a long moments where still bellowed out by the crowd and they soaked up the glorious atmosphere of seeing some of their returning heroes. Barrett and Doherty tried hard to show that old energy and beautifully chaotic melody that made them such a force at live shows a decade ago.

It was messy, it was musically off and it was not the band we have come to know, but noon of that mattered. The experience, the guitars driven passion and all the hits had the crowd electrified. A fantastic moment to witness, even if it was not the best to listen too. A great move by Glasto organisers to bring them along in the wake of a huge upheaval.