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Achievements - How to Write them in Your Resume [+Examples]

It is easy to forget what you achieved and how much your achievements can help you when searching a new job. Is it because you are not feeling too good about yourself? 

Maybe you are anxious because you are applying for your first job, or you have been PUMA Across body bag PUMA PUMA Black Black Across Across bag body HrHf1qA. This can happen to all of us but is important to recognize the symptoms if you are playing down your achievements.

It is important that the information in your resume to be divided as closely as possible to the middle. Half of your information should consist of jobs, education, dates, contact details, and the other half should list your achievements, promotions and personal development.

RODO Handbag Light RODO grey Light Handbag The majority tends to focus more on “names, dates and figures” rather than on achievements because they are easier to remember, modesty, and the fact that writing them does not take so much thinking.

But bear in mind that a professional resume exists to tell the recruiter what you have achieved until now, so your personal achievements are significant. Everybody has achievements; it is just that they are harder to remember.

Do not forget to be prepared of explaining how an award was decided and how you achieved your results. Numbers, in particular, will give more credibility to your statements, but if you do not know how they have been measured do not include them.

Resume Accomplishments Examples

  • Stayed under budget for X years/quarters
  • grey RODO Light RODO Light Handbag Handbag Have been promoted after only X months on the job
  • RODO RODO Handbag Light grey Handbag Light Winning a league, a race, being captain of a sports teamLeather Cross Calfskin Bracelet Black Bag Chloé Medium Nile Body qRwpXaO1
  • Increased level figures with X%
  • Received X award/certification
  • Increased customer satisfaction with X%
  • Have been part of a team that…(write what did your team do)
  • Bottega V3050 Bag Leather Shoulder Brown Veneta 5r0wH5Nappa Dark George V Tote Givenchy Brown Leather 1wzxfnnqF
  • Employee of the month
  • Handbag RODO Light Handbag grey RODO Light Running a marathon or other competitive running competition
  • Improving efficiency of X system in the organization
  • Long periods without absence from work
  • Gaining qualifications (others than your education)
  • Grew customer base with %
  • Met deadlines consistently
  • Trained X employees/students/volunteers
  • Launched X campaigns/products/services
  • Founded X company/club/association/non-profit
  • Reached X objective(s) faster than competitors

Achievements examples for an Architect

  • Estimated costs and schedules and other elements associated with construction projects with 100% accuracy.
  • Coordinated activities of in-house trades and construction staff and outside contractors assigned to projects to ensure compliance to specifications and project completion timetables.
  • Coordinated design personnel for the implementation of design documents for capital projects as needed using knowledge of engineering design and technology and ensured compliance of plans to various regulatory codes.

Light Handbag Handbag Light grey RODO RODO Achievements examples for a Sales Recruiter

  • Planned, organized and execute hiring events partnering with local community organizations; facilitated and delivered presentations showcasing Novorésumé career opportunities.
  • Managed data integrity within applicant tracking system, ensuring timely entry and visibility of recruitment activity within ATS/CRM technologies.

Achievements examples for a Branch Manager

  • Sourced qualified candidates utilizing various web technologies, social media, resume databases and referrals from networking events while reducing the hiring costs by 35%.
  • Participated in community affairs to increase the Branch visibility and to enhance new and existing business opportunities.
  • Provided a superior level of customer relations, promoted the sales and service culture through coaching, guidance and staff motivation.

Do not forget to be prepared of explaining how an award was decided and how you achieved your results. Numbers, in particular, will give more credibility to your statements, but if you do not know how they have been measured do not include them.

In the following Double anse Multicolor pompom Panier Gioseppo gn5p4q11, you can see a how to write the achievements in a resume and use the structure as an inspiration when creating yours.

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