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CATERINA Across LUCCHI bag Black body 1FPw5qrF

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We found them: the 29 most hilariously desperate selfies ever. A study by Ohio State University Professor Jesse Fox concluded that men who take a lot of selfies "tend to exhibit higher levels of narcissism and psychopathy," but you probably knew that. Regardless of gender, people who take a lot of selfies want to be noticed and desire positive feedback. To get the perfect selfie, people aren't above using tactics of deception to put their best face forward. Sure, there are obvious tricks such as Photoshop and Snapchat filters to make yourself look hyperreal... or unintentionally surreal. We found lots of people who don't fully understand how mirrors work, taking selfies that reveal personal items -- or children -- that were supposed to be out of frame. The worst is when people act like they are being surprised by a boyfriend or girlfriend, but a mirror in the background reveals that they are actually taking the picture themselves. Busted!

Across bag LUCCHI body Black CATERINA
Selfies are a necessary evil in today's world dominated by social media, but the following selfie takers were especially desperate for attention. If you must take a goofy picture of yourself, check your immediate vicinity for mirrors, family members, intimate items, and other selfie takers. You don't want to end up with a selfie like these hilarious people. Find out for yourself! Get Started
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bag Black CATERINA body Across LUCCHI CATERINA bag Black Across LUCCHI body
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