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Global cloud management. Global cloud marketplace.


Navy 400 Roll Esprit Tote Backpack Global cloud & CDN made easy

Navy Tote Backpack Esprit 400 Roll The OnApp Federation is a global network of public and private cloud and CDN infrastructure, available on demand as an integrated part of the OnApp cloud platform.

For service providers, the OnApp Federation offers instant access to global cloud and CDN infrastructure, which they can use to extend their local OnApp-based services.

For telcos and enterprises who already have a network of datacenters, OnApp enables the creation of private federations, which bring distributed IT resources together under a single pane of glass, for more efficient, cost-effective service delivery.

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Navy Tote Backpack Esprit Roll 400

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Simplify distributed infrastructure

Use OnApp to create a seamless orchestration and provisioning environment across multiple datacenters, with one login, one portal, and one set of metering, monitoring, billing and chargeback tools.

Optimize workload placement

With a single pane of glass for global cloud infrastructure, you can run workloads where they work best – optimized for performance, latency, resilience, price or compliance. Provision and migrate anywhere.

Global content delivery

The OnApp Federation offers 170+ CDN PoPs in 113 cities, available on demand to deliver content to customers with the lowest possible latency. You can also create private CDNs for internal content delivery, OTT video and more.

Global public cloud without CAPEX

For cloud service providers, the Federation offers instant access to global infrastructure, so you can compete at scale, and host customers in new markets on demand.

Tote Roll 400 Backpack Navy Esprit Maximize infrastructure ROI

By unifying private and public clouds, you can make optimal use of on-premise infrastructure, and simplify multi-cloud, multi-vendor management. You can also sell spare capacity on our global Federation marketplace.

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Using the OnApp compute federation lets us serve global brands as a local player - StoneIS
With the OnApp Federation, we help our customers get closer to their users, and we can extend our cloud anywhere without building or buying new infrastructure - SeFlow
The value of the OnApp Federation, for cloud providers, is simple and unique: it makes you an instant global player - TelosHost
The Federation allows us to offer our clients a true global footprint from single pane of glass... the Federation is a great competitive weapon for us - Bamboozle
OnApp Federation has enabled our company to achieve new revenue that otherwise would have been unimaginable and allowed us to go from a national to an international company - Webplus Datacenter
The OnApp Federation lets us extend our local cloud to the world, a key selling point for clients with location-dependent or latency-sensitive applications - ICNBAG MAIL Red Handbag MAIL MAIL Handbag VIA Handbag BAG Red BAG Red VIA VIA waAwq1

The global cloud. One pane of glass.

The OnApp Federation is a global network of clouds, connected to a single marketplace, where you can buy and sell cloud and CDN infrastructure on demand.

  • For service providers, it adds instant scale, new locations and new price/performance options to your cloud, without having to invest in building new infrastructure.
  • For enterprises, it simplifies hybrid multi-cloud, multi-vendor management, with one orchestration, provisioning and billing portal for your own cloud infrastructure, and for infrastructure sourced from your local OnApp cloud provider.

Federation Directory – Live Feed

Click a location to learn more about the provider, performance, uptime and certifications.  For more information, just get in touch.

OnApp Federation – in detail

Tote 400 Navy Backpack Roll Esprit The public OnApp Federation brings service provider clouds, across the world, into a single pool of on-demand public cloud infrastructure – the world’s biggest public cloud.

As a member of the Federation, you can subscribe to any or all of the locations available, and make them available as a seamless part of your cloud or CDN; and publish your infrastructure to the Federation, so that other members can use it.

It’s all managed through the OnApp UI, and our transparent global cloud marketplace.

For service providers

Compete at scale

The OnApp cloud platform gives you the features you need to compete with the world’s biggest clouds. The OnApp Federation gives you instant access to the scale you need to handle any RFP.

Extend your reach

With infrastructure available across the world, you can use the Federation to host customer workloads wherever they work best – optimizing for latency and price/performance – and compliance, for location-sensitive workloads.

Grow without CAPEX

The OnApp Federation gives you instant global scale without having to build new datacenters, deploy colo in new locations, or form individual partnerships with other providers. All infrastructure is available on demand – you just pay for usage, at wholesale rates.

Create new revenue streams

Because Federation infrastructure is available on demand, you can use it to launch new services, like CDN, and grow into new regional markets without up-front investment in new infrastructure. You can also use it to sell spare capacity in your local datacenters, by making it available to other Federation members.

For enterprises

400 Navy Backpack Tote Esprit Roll 400 Esprit Navy Roll Tote Backpack Hybrid cloud on demand

Use the Federation to add public cloud locations to your private cloud infrastructure, and manage them all through the same UI.

Simplify multi-vendor management

The infrastructure available on the OnApp Federation is supplied by dozens of cloud service providers, with full transparency of price, performance and uptime available through the Federation marketplace. You can manage multi-vendor, multi-location public cloud through a single account, and one UI.

Add scale and reach without CAPEX

The Federation gives you access to global public cloud scale on an OPEX-only basis – perfect for handling peaks in traffic, campaigns, and testing the waters in new markets.

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Backpack Navy 400 Tote Esprit Roll Manage data sovereignty issues

With clouds available in cities across the world, the OnApp Federation helps you deal with data sovereignty and compliance issues: you have full control over the physical location of public clouds you use, and full visibility of the provider and their relevant certifications.

For telcos, large service providers and other enterprises with their own network of datacenters, the OnApp Federation provides a simple, powerful way to consolidate cloud and CDN infrastructure – reducing cost, optimizing usage, providing much more flexibility for workload provisioning, and enabling new services.

Private federations are controlled and secured via a comprehensive secure tunnelling/trust token system, built into the OnApp Federation.

For service providers

Private compute federations

Create private compute federations for the exclusive use of specific clients, partners or resellers. You can mix public and private federation zones with your own local infrastructure, control exactly who has access to what, and bill them accordingly.

Private CDN federations

Use the OnApp Federation to create private CDNs for specific clients or resellers, for OTT video, internal content delivery and traffic optimization across your own network.

For enterprises

Simplify private cloud management

Use the OnApp Federation to combine multiple private clouds into a single, intuitive management and provisioning portal. Instead of silos of autonomous clouds, you can create a more efficient pool of infrastructure with one admin portal, one login and one place to control orchestration.

Optimize workload placement

By combining private cloud locations into a single UI, the OnApp Federation lets you deploy and migrate application workloads anywhere in your private cloud estate – and add public cloud scale if you need it.


All of the infrastructure available on the public Federation is bought and sold through a single global marketplace. It’s a wholesale marketplace for service providers, where participants can subscribe to locations (“buy”) in order to resell infrastructure to their clients; and publish locations (“sell”) in order to offer spare capacity to other Federation members.

The marketplace is completely transparent, with full visibility of location, price, performance, uptime and other metrics – enabling Federation members to choose locations based on real data, not theoretical SLAs.

Seamless integration

The OnApp Federation is fully integrated with the OnApp cloud management UI. You simply search for locations with the price, performance and uptime you need, and subscribe to as many as you like. Federation infrastructure becomes available as a zone in your cloud, alongside your local zones. Federation zones are managed with the same permissions, limits and billing systems you use for your local cloud.

Transparent metadata

The Federation offers full transparency into the infrastructure you use. We benchmark and monitor each location, and publish detailed metadata about uptime and performance to guide your choice of location. This includes detailed pricing, as well as CPU, storage and network performance.

One account, one pane of glass

Esprit Navy 400 Tote Backpack Roll No matter how many different locations or providers you use from the Federation, OnApp handles all buy and sell transactions, and provides support for Federation locations. There’s just one account, one bill, and one pane of glass for management.

Pay for use

Each Federation location has a wholesale price, per hour, for CPUs, CPU shares, disk space, IOPS, network resources and more – just like local OnApp clouds. You only pay for locations you subscribe to, if they are actually used.

Monetize your infrastructure

The Federation acts as a global channel for your spare capacity, too. Simply create a zone in your OnApp cloud, set its wholesale price for compute resources, publish it to the Federation – and get paid when your resources are used.

The compute infrastructure on the OnApp Federation is categorized into tiers, which provide performance and availability options for different workloads.

Use the calculator to show typical wholesale prices for each tier. Choose a sample configuration to show prices for typical server sizes, or use the sliders to configure your own.

  • Dev tier: for non-critical workloads – failover and backup may be available, but are optional
  • Pro tier: for production environments – failover and backup are mandatory, and SSD storage is preferred

* Bandwidth charges are additional:  Dev tier – $0.01/GB  Pro tier – $0.02/GB

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